How long will the repair take?

Most phone repairs take 1 hour or less, while computer repairs can vary but are usually same day.

Do you sell phones?

Yes, we sell new and refurbished phones from all the major brands. Our selection is always changing, so come see us in store.

Are the parts you use for repair brand new and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)?

We only use brand new, original parts. We don’t believe in repairing with parts of low quality. They tend to have poor touch sensitivity, shorter life span, and a host of other problems. We will even show you the parts before installation if you so desire.

Why are some of your prices higher than other repair shops?

We only use the highest quality parts and our repairs are completed by certified electronics technicians in our store. Some repair shops choose to use low quality parts which would make the repair cheaper to the customer initially, however cheap parts will break easier, be less responsive and potentially damage your phone. Why would you repair your expensive phone with inferior parts?

Why should I go to Mr Fix Computers?

We have been fixing computers anad phones for close to 10 years now. Our technicians have repaired thousands of computers and phones for the public and business clients as well. Our experience, attention to detail, prices, quickness and electronics background gives us the edge over the competition. With our 180 day warranty, you should feel confident that your device was repair by the best.